Ronaldo, the “Flying”, sends a strong warning to Napoli before the summit, with a picture of Juventus’ training




AFP Tiziana FABI

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus’ top scorer for Italian football, was keen to share with his followers and fans a new image of the “Bianconeri” training, in preparation for the match against Napoli, next Sunday.

Ronaldo posted a picture through his personal account on the “Instagram” site, in which he appeared “flying” in the air to hit the ball with the header, commenting: “The game is a reflection of training! …”, thus confirming his full readiness for the upcoming “battle” of Naples .

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Juventus is preparing for its upcoming match in front of its hosts Napoli, which will bring them together next Sunday, at the “Allianz Stadium” in Turin, in the summit of the third round of the Italian “Calcio” League.

Source: “instagram / cristiano”


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