Ronaldos sister: Corona is a lie and a huge fraud


Despite the positive tests carried out by the Portuguese striker

Katia, the sister of the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, went out to question the emerging corona virus, after it was announced that the Juventus star had an epidemic.

The Portuguese Federation announced yesterday, Tuesday, that a striker had been injured Juventus Corona, and he was subjected to the necessary isolation period, after the tests revealed that his recent sample was positive.

Katia used the social networking site “Instagram” to question the matter, describing her brother as one of the prophets from God to reveal the truth.

Cristiano Ronaldo Katia Aveiro.jpg

Ronaldos sister, known for her activism, said on social media: “Ronaldo should have awakened the world, I must say that he is truly a prophet of God.”

She added, “I think thousands of people believed in the epidemic and the tests and measures that were taken just like me, but it was the biggest fraud I have seen since my birth.”

And she continued: “Now I stand to greet a phrase that I heard not to be like a doll that is being moved and controlled. It is a message to everyone in the world, please open your eyes.”

Ramos, Mbabi and Griezmann … possible infected with Corona virus, after contact with Ronaldo

It is reported that Ronaldos illness will keep him out of the next match For PortugalAs well as facing Juventus and Cotroni in the Italian League, as well as the match against Dynamo Kiev in the Champions League, amid concerns about his absence against Barcelona in the same tournament.

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