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“Ascending to the Abyss” is one of the most important films in the history of Egyptian cinema. It embodies one of the most famous stories in the world of espionage, the story of Heba Selim, who was recruited by Israel to become one of the most dangerous spies who were revealed by the Egyptian intelligence 47 years ago.

The late actress Madiha Kamel embodied the role of “Heba Selim” in the famous movie, and on the anniversary of the 6th of October, we monitor the true story behind the film and whether it differed from what was mentioned in the Egyptian intelligence files.

Heba Abdel Rahman Selim, an Egyptian girl, obtained a high school diploma in 1968, that is, one year after the June setback, then she pressed her father to travel to Paris to complete her university education there, and during her studies she met a Jewish girl of Polish origin who invited her one day for a night at her home, and there She met a group of young Jews.

Heba announced in the Polish apartment that she hates war and wishes that peace would prevail in the region. On another visit, her colleague showed her a film depicting social life in Israel and the way of life in small communities there and describing to her how they are not human monsters as portrayed by the Arab media, but rather they are people A high degree of urbanization and democracy.

Heba Saleem

Over the course of long encounters with and mingling with Jewish youth, Heba was able to conclude that Israel is very strong and stronger than all the Arabs, and this is what made her think of serving Israel, rejecting the money they offered her.

Heba Salim managed to catch the Egyptian army officer, Farouk Abdel Hamid Al-Fiqi, who was hoping to get close to her, and she actually agreed to his engagement at the end of the matter in order to obtain information from him to send to Israel.

With the continuous Israeli targeting of the Egyptian missile platforms, the Egyptian intelligence succeeded in uncovering the traitorous officer’s order, and he was arrested and executed by firing squad and was arrested in complete secrecy, and during the investigations he confessed his action and said that his fiancee, Heba, is the mastermind, and she is the link with the Israelis.

The officer was among the few officers who knew the time of the “zero hour”, as he was a member of the “operating room,” so he was tried in complete secrecy, and he was executed by firing squad without fanfare.

Heba Saleem

The intelligence services orchestrated a plan to entrap Selim’s gift in complete secrecy also by luring her to travel to Libya to visit her father, who was convinced by the Libyan authorities that his daughter was involved in hijacking an Israeli plane with the Palestinians and is wanted by Israel, and the solution is the father’s claim that he is very ill and wants to see his daughter.

Indeed, they admitted Hebas father to the hospital, and he called her several times while she was in Paris, until she agreed to come to Tripoli, and as soon as she landed from the plane, she found Egyptian intelligence agents around her, and took her to a plane at Tripoli Airport heading to Cairo.

After several months of the October War, the US Secretary of State tried to mediate her with President Sadat to release her, but he told him that she had been executed and secretly ordered her execution at this moment so that her story would end forever.

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