Saif Zaher criticizes Fyler’s last scene with Al-Ahly and confirms: Musimani is a “teacher’s blow”


Media journalist Saif Zahir described Al-Ahly club’s contract with South African Musimani to succeed Fyler as a “master stroke” that deserves thanks to the board of directors of the Red Castle, and Saif Zaher said in his One Two radio program via Radio On Sport FM, “Habib assured people that my speech was not an advertisement. Fyler was a wrong choice from the beginning of the Al-Ahly Council. On the contrary, Fyler was a bet and Al-Ahly officials succeeded in it, as the coach was brilliant in the first half of the league at all levels, whether performance, rotation or reading opponents, and Al-Ahly did not read the palm until he expected the coach’s actions after his success .

Saif Zaher added, “Even after the departure of Fyler, we will not let the soil down on his career with Al-Ahly. We only criticize the last scene. It is not correct for the coach to withdraw from the conference in this way, and I send a letter of reproach to Dr. Amr Moheb, Fyler’s translator. I wish the Swiss coach would know that this conference His focus will be talking about his departure, and it will not be for the arsenal match. If he is welcomed, he will attend, and if he refused, he would refuse to attend from the ground up instead of the current scene..

Saif Zaher added, “Fyler must have respected the journalists who came to his interview, and naturally they talk about the departure. The moment happened. It is strange that there are people defending Fyler and criticizing our attack on him even though they are in the middle, and I tell reporters that you have come, and by saying to Fyler the safety of your voice, it was possible to say I will not comment so that I can see a session in a cafeteria in Switzerland.

Regarding Musimani, Saif Zahir said, “All greetings to Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib and his council for choosing Musimani, frankly, a master’s blow, a successful and quick choice, and the ball is now in Musimani’s stadium and the players go up to the final and respond to Fyler because he knows that he has lost a very important need, and we talked about this matter in search On the interest of the entity because we follow the principle of good luck, who cried for me and cried for me and did not laugh and people laughed at me.“.

And the curtain fell on a relationship Alahli football club With his Swiss coach Rene Fyler, technical director of the football team after a journey that lasted 397 days, equivalent to a whole year, a month and a day after it began with ambiguity and ended with distinguished achievements and records, where the red genie made remarkable progress in terms of results and performance since he succeeded the Uruguayan coach Martin Lasarte, who was sacked From his position due to the exit from the 2019 Egypt Cup at the hands of Pyramids to become the champion of the winning bet from the officials of the Red Castle.

Al-Ahly completed its agreement with South Africa, Pitso Mosimane, to succeed the Swiss coach Rene Fyler in the training of the Red Genie, after the former Sun Downs coach won support and approval within the Red Castle Board of Directors and the club’s planning committee due to the precedence of being crowned the championship in 2016, as well as his broad experience in working in the brown continent, In addition to his knowledge of Al-Ahly and its players, and the three teams competing for the African Champions League title, Zamalek, Wydad and Raja.


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