Sawiris to critics of El Gouna Festival guests: “Whoever wants to fight takes a gun and goes to Israel.”


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Businessman Naguib Sawiris, founder of the El Gouna Festival, said that it is not necessary to defeat the new Corona virus, explaining that tourism has been negatively affected by it, indicating the need for Egypt to maintain its tourist site.

“Sawiris” added, during a telephone interview on the “Honorable Citizen” program, on the “Al-Hadath Today” satellite channel, presented by journalist Syed Ali, that he attends all world festivals, and upon his presence at the Cannes Festival last year 2019, French director Claude Lelouch, who heads the Institute, congratulated him Cinema in France is based on the success of the El Gouna Festival, which everyone knows because of its success.

Sawiris responded to calls to prevent director Gerard Depardieu from being honored at the El Gouna Festival, considering it a kind of normalization with Israel, saying: “This man visited Israel, the visit does not mean normalization and Zionism, and we are not left more nervous than the case owners themselves.”

He continued: «Is everyone going to print and chastise and work? “The man did not say that he is with Israel or against the Palestinian cause. Those who want to fight take a rifle and go to Israel and fight.”

Sawiris concluded, stressing that he ignored this campaign: “I do not pay attention to this,” as he handed the award, which reflected positively on Egypt, as French newspapers wrote that an artist from France was honored and that Egypt is safe.

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