Schubert confirms that Zamalek is close to finishing second and the ease of the Ismaili match


Media journalist Ahmed Schubert believes that Zamalek club benefited from the gift that Al-Ahly club gave him in the last round after the exciting tie it achieved with Pyramids in the league, and Schubert said in radio statements via the “Hour with Schubert” program on On Sport FM: Zamalek approached the center. The second big game and the last match for Zamalek at Cairo Stadium, with Ismaili, who is not in good condition, while Pyramids will face the El Mokawloon team.

He continued: Zamalek benefited from Al-Ahly’s gift with a draw with Pyramids. People are not happy with a draw with Pyramids, but with integrity, honor and the performance that Al-Ahly provided despite the numerical shortage and injuries, in light of his playing against the most expensive team in the Egyptian League.

And a team succeeded Zamalek In progressing a step towards preserving the second place and qualifying for the African Champions League, after the victory over Haras El Hodoud, with a score of 2/1 in the match that brought them together on Monday evening, at Al Max Stadium in Alexandria, within the 33rd round of the age of the Premier League competition, to accept this result, the knight Al-Abyad is the gift of Al-Ahly after his draw yesterday with Pyramids, and the sons of Mait Uqba are close to officially settling second place in the event of winning over Al-Ismaili in the last match of the season, or losing Pyramids in their next match against Al-Mokawloon. The second section next to Tanta and Masr Club.

Amr El-Halawani scored the match goals from a penalty kick in the 7th minute, and Mostafa Mohamed equalized for Zamalek in the 64th minute, and in the 75th minute Mahmoud Al-Wensh scored the second goal for White, bringing his team’s score to 68 in second place, collected it from 33 matches, and his players scored 47 goals and received He has a score of 26, and 3 points will be assessed from the white at the end of the season for not attending the Al-Ahly match in the first round, while the border guards officially occupy the second division, after becoming 16th with 30 points, collected from 33 games, his players scored 29 goals and received 40 nets.


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