Schubert reveals Al-Ahly’s negotiations with 38 deals … and calls on Imam Ashour to focus


Media goalkeeper Ahmed Schubert, goalkeeper for Al-Ahly club and the former Egyptian national team, gave advice to Imam Ashour, the Zamalek player, asking him to focus on his future and stay away from suspensions and events outside the ball, and Schubert said in his radio program on On Sport FM, “I admire the Zamalek player Imam Ashour since the beginning His presence in Ghazl El Mahalla, then Haras El Hodoud, then the Olympic team, and finally Zamalek, is a young player whose ball is sweet and has ambition.

Schubert adds, “I don’t know why the Imam of Ashour remained, and his suspensions increased. He returned from stopping the Super match to shine after what people had forgotten, and suddenly he was suspended again. It is a good player project and he must focus on his future and only care about the stadium and training. He got into a crisis with Ghazal Mahalla and the countries of a company that do not have an understanding. A case and they took a verdict, bail, and a long story. Indeed, as Fyler said, the player in Egypt cares about his personal interest at the expense of his club.

Regarding Al-Ahly deals, Schubert said sarcastically: “So far, Al-Ahly has entered into negotiations with 38 deals, according to what I have read, although the list is 25 players. I wish we focus a little because the efforts made on Al-Ahly’s deals have increased significantly.”

Earlier, Hossam Ezzo, Vice President of Ghazl El Mahalla Club, commented on the ruling issued to them against Imam Ashour, the Zamalek player, to imprison the player for 3 years due to his delay in paying the amount of 1.5 million pounds since his sale to Zamalek.

And he said during statements to the “Talatah Audience” program on Ontime Sports 2: When selling Imam Ashour For Zamalek, we sold it for 12 million pounds, 10 million paid by Zamalek, and 2 million that the player pledged to pay from his own pocket, and he approved that on 4 checks, paying 500 thousand and remaining 1.5 million pounds on 3 checks, the second check January 2020, the third on September 30, the fourth on November 30, and the verdict on the first check, leaving two checks We do not object to an amicable solution if the player pays money.

He explained: We tried with Imam Ashour to pay the money and he ignores the response to us, which is company money and must be paid, and the legal affairs of the company are responsible for the signature.


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