Schubert reveals Egypt’s request to CAF to postpone the African Champions League final to November 9


Media journalist Ahmed Schubert confirmed that Egypt had submitted a request to the CAF requesting that the African Champions League final be postponed for a period of three days to be held on November 9th, and Schubert said in his radio program via On Sport FM, “Egypt has asked CAF to postpone the final to November 9 for security reasons, and enough is estimated. Such matters are good, but so far there is no final decision and CAF has repeatedly announced that it will not postpone the African Champions League final. ”

Schubert continued: “There are sources confirming that the Champions League final will be held at Burj Al Arab Stadium in Alexandria, but so far there is no confirmed information in this regard.”

Regarding Al-Ahly, Schubert said, “I visited the Al-Ahly exercise yesterday. I was a confused man, I don’t know Musimani, he would play with whom, one would save the game and change in the centers, from the other he would work well, and I reprimanded the Al-Ahly officials, the lighting is a monster. I almost did not see much of the exercise thanks to the red lighting. And with the look of the game, I think things are difficult for them. I hope the officials improve the lighting, especially that the season is over, while the touch floor is improving greatly. ”

Regarding the injured, Schubert said: “Maloul, not 3 days ago, because of the first group training, Rami Rabiaa is impossible to follow the final, Al-Shennawi, Marwan, Qafsha and Ayman Ashraf Kwisen, there is no need.”

On facing Al-Talaa ‘, Schubert said: “He will be in new faces, Musimani does not want to lose, he will start the match with electricity and Saleh Jumah will be given a full run or the match may start, and the appearance of the players Mahmoud Wahid and Mohamed Fakhry.”

Regarding Al-Ahly loans, Schubert said: “The matter will change with the departure of Nader Shawky from El Gouna. Ahmed Yasser Rayan may come out on loan to an Ismaili.”

Al-Ahly succeeded in qualifying to African Champions League Final After defeating Moroccos Wydad with the two matches back and forth, while Zamalek has its match against Moroccos Raja, scheduled for the first of November, and thus the African final will be between Al-Ahly and the winner from Zamalek and Al-Raja.


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