Security reinforcements in the vicinity of Cairo Stadium to secure a meeting between Al-Ahly and Al-Wadad Al-Maghribi today


The security services reinforce their presence in the vicinity of Cairo Stadium, today, Friday, to secure the upcoming football match between Al-Ahly and Moroccan Wydad in the second leg of the African Champions League semi-finals, which is the match that the Red Genie fights relatively calmly after winning the first leg of Morocco last Saturday with a clean double signed by Mohamed Magdy Qafsha and Ali Maaloul.

The security services secure the entry and exit of buses carrying the players of the two teams, as well as the refereeing staff that manages the match.

South African coach Pitso Musimani, Al-Ahly coach, was keen to intensify his lectures and sessions with the team’s players before the match kicked off, and since the team entered a closed camp, the coach talks to his players about the importance of the upcoming meeting and warned them against condescending the ball or underestimating the Moroccan opponent, claiming that the team qualified for the tournament final After he won the first-leg match in Morocco with a clean double, Musimani stressed to his players that the Moroccan champion came to Cairo and had nothing to cry about, and would play without pressure and want to be affected, and they are all motives that Al-Ahly must prepare well for.

The South African coach mobilized his weapons for today’s battle after it was confirmed the readiness of more than one player who suffered a minor injury over the past few days, including Marwan Mohsen and Qafsha, but the medical apparatus confirmed the duos readiness for the absence match today, and Kahraba also became ready for the upcoming match after he participated in the team’s past training. Evidence indicates that Musimane will not pay basic electricity to the Moroccan champion, and he will be one of the winning cards in the second half..


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