Sexual assault on an Egyptian child in Germany .. The consulate is following the incident


Diplomatic sources confirmed to Sada Al-Balad that the Egyptian Consulate in Frankfurt has been following the incident of sexual assault on an Egyptian girl in Germany for several days, after informing the family, and in contact with the child’s father, providing the family with support and assistance with a number of the community.

The sources added that the consulate in Frankfurt is following up on the incident of a child being sexually assaulted in a nursery in the city of Koblenz, noting that the girl’s father is Egyptian and her mother is Moroccan.

The sources pointed out that the consulate’s actions come within the framework of ensuring that the perpetrators of the incident are punished, as the incident caused great controversy in the country due to its repeated occurrence with a large number of children in the same nursery school.

In an unfortunate incident, social media users circulated a “video” of a Moroccan woman married to an Egyptian who talks about her daughter being sexually assaulted in a nursery in Koblenz, Germany, noting that what happened with her daughter could happen to other children, and that there are families who are already exposing their children. For a sexual assault in the same nursery.

The mother stated that she noticed that her daughter’s clothes were not well-groomed, and that her hair was not styled, and that she asked the teacher, and she replied that she did not know until she tried with her daughter and answered what happened completely inside the nursery of sexual assault.

The “mother” indicated through the video, that the teacher asked her daughter to go to a room in the nursery after taking off her clothes and wearing another one, and to do what a man inside the room ordered her to sexually assaulted her, as he ordered her to take off her pants.

She explained that the girl told her that she slept for long periods of time, as they used to drug her, and they ordered her to eat sweets with a spicy and strange taste.

The child told her mother that there is group sex practice in the nursery, filming pornographic films and making sexual movements on the bed and the floor, as well as being assaulted by more than one man.

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