Shahira: I learned these qualities from Mahmoud Yassin .. He always said, ‘I’m sorry.’


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Shahira wrote an influential message about her husband, the late artist Mahmoud Yassin, through her personal account on the social networking site Facebook.

She said: “My love, my love, my soul, and the life that has gone away. You were mine and you were mine. Something in his art, in his talent in his stardom, which was fascinating the hearts, exceptional in his humility in his tenderness in his parenting to his children, and his indefinite giving to the young before the old is exceptional in his humanity and morals that all agree upon. Because apology is power and dignity and not the opposite, and it was always for the least thing that says sorry I say it to you, my beloved, it is not worth it, and when I am wrong I say I am sorry he responds says pardon pardon my love what is this politeness, what morals do we say what or what, he prayed the majestic funeral attended by hundreds and hundreds In spite of the circumstances of the corna, the best evidence of the Lord’s love for you (God called Sayednajabriel and Jagbriel said that I love so-and-so, so love him, so acceptance is placed on the earth.) Praise be to God. Praise be to God.

The death of the artist Mahmoud Yassin was absent before last Wednesday morning, after a struggle with the disease after suffering severe pneumonia, in a hospital.

My love and my beloved and my soul And the life that has gone away ⚘ You were mine, and you were mine, and you were mine, whatever the worries and difficulties of life occupied you, I am the overwhelming part …

Posted by Shahira Hamdy on Sunday، October 18، 2020

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