Shakira rides the waves during her vacation and her fans ask her about her new


Co-Colombian star Shakira, New photos on her Twitter account during her surfing practice in a famous artificial beach, and she is considered one of the stars who love this sport and persist in performing it on various days, as it was not the first time for her to reveal her love for that sport, where she commented: “In the week The last, a dose of pure Oxytocin. ”

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Followers of Shakira asked about her new album, indicating that she does many sports more than releasing new songs. Another questioned, what did the Colombian star mean about her suspension of “oxytocin”, known as the love hormone, which plays important roles in childbirth, breastfeeding, and social and emotional bonding.

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It is noteworthy that the Colombian artist, Shakira, expressed her happiness to join the Council of the “Earth Opportunity Award”, alongside Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, as one of the members of the Council, saying: “The most ambitious environmental award in history.“. Which includes a number of famous people, headed by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, Queen of Jordan.

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“I am excited to tell you about the Earth Opportunity Award, the most ambitious environmental award in history, and proud to join Prince William as a member of the award board,” Shakira said in tweets on her official Twitter account.

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