Shams Al-Baroudi: I entered art by accident, and Sheikh El Shaarawy is not the reason for my retirement and my hijab


Today, the artist, Mu’tazila Shams al-Baroudi, celebrates her 75th birthday, as she was born on this day, October 4, 1945.

Despite her short artistic life, and despite her retirement 38 years ago, the name Shams al-Baroudi was still glamorous, provoking many questions, passion, amazement, and the desire to know a lot about this artist who attracted the spotlight since her beginnings and her entry into the artistic field at the age of 16 years until her sudden decision to retire from art while she is in The mid twenties at the height of her fame and beauty.

Despite her retirement many years ago, her desire to devote himself to worship and family life, and her keenness to keep away from the limelight, she always remained in the crosshairs of the spotlight, which was always looking for that star even in her isolation, as she was attacked by many who wanted her to retire from the decision to retire, which may be He encouraged other artists, even without intending to take such a decision, and despite this, Shams Al-Baroudi was always the most adherent to her decision, isolation and her own world that she made for herself.

Shams El Baroudi accidentally entered art and left it with a tremor that changed its course.

In special statements for the seventh day, Shams Al-Baroudi talked about the coincidence that led her to art and the jolt that she brought out of it.

Shams Al-Baroudi or Hajjah Shams tells about her childhood and her family, saying: “My name is Shams al-Muluk Jamil al-Baroudi, and I am the eldest daughter of my family, which consists of 6 girls and a son, Muhammad, Nahid, Wafa, Sanaa, Hana and Safa. I had a half-sister from my mother, whose name is Nivan is the mother of the artist Ghada Adel and died at a young age, and I belong to the Syrian Baroudi family, and we have a large house in Syria, and my lineage ends with Imam Hussein, and my mother is Egyptian of Turkish origin, and my father moved to Egypt, where my father joined the university, and worked as director of Kafoury spinning factories Al-Naseeb

About the beginning of her entry into the artistic field, she said: “When I reached the age of 16, we were visiting a friend of my father, and he used to live in the same building, director Ibrahim Shukry, and he saw me, and he was preparing the time for the Qatar Al-Nada series, and he offered my father to take on this role, but my father and mother refused, because I am I was in high school at the time, but I was happy with the idea of ​​lights and fame, and I begged them to accept, and indeed my pictures were put on the cover of magazines, and then I poured into the performances, and I joined the Institute of Dramatic Arts, but my artistic life was short, and I left art when I was in my late twenties.

Shams Al-Baroudi was a heroine in her roles since her artistic appearance and achieved great fame and stardom in the cinema and participated in the top stars, but after a short artistic life, she decided to retire.

Hajjah Shams spoke about her sudden decision, saying: “I made this decision on my first life in 1982, and before that I was preparing for a new movie and bought his clothes from the largest Paris stores, and I was married and had children Nariman and Mahmoud, and I did not give birth to both Omar and Abdullah, and I was in Companionship of my father, and God blessed me with the seal of the Qur’an during the days of Umrah, and when I stood before the Ka’bah, I sensed the extent of man’s smallness, weakness, and lack of resourcefulness before the greatness of God. I accepted the Black Stone, and stood in the last third of the night, raising my hand and praying to God to strengthen my faith. My body trembles from crying, and that night was the dividing line in my life, and I decided to retire and devote myself to my family and my worship. ”

She indicated that Sheikh El Shaarawy had no role in the decision to retire, and that she met him years after this decision, and confirms that she did not initiate an invitation to any artist to retire or wear the veil.

Shams al-Baroudi preserved the Qur’an and for a period of nearly 20 years she wore the niqab until she decided years ago to abandon it and suffice with the veil, confirming that Sheikh Al-Shaarawy decreed that the niqab is not an obligation. There is a tightening of veiled women in Europe.

Hajjah Shams confirmed that she was subjected to difficult circumstances during this period, although she was spoiled throughout her life, and had to dispense with assistants who were helping her at home, as well as being subjected to a lot of attack and questioning the reasons for her retirement, confirming that this attack was increasing whenever any artist decided to retire And wear a headscarf.

Shams Al-Baroudi did not pay attention to these accusations and did not shake all the temptations that tried to dissuade her from this decision with more offers to star in new films, but rather did not concern herself with responding to these accusations, and was content with publishing an advertisement in which she disavows her work, and her father published an article responding to some of these accusations. Some of them claimed that the Mu’tazila star received funds to make this decision.


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