Shams Al-Kuwaiti: “Whoever will marry me will not need two and three and a quarter”


The artist participated Shams Kuwaiti Her followers on Instagram, a new photo of her, in which she appeared in an attractive and soft casual look,

وعلقت Shams Kuwaiti On her picture is a writer: “I am the one who will marry me. I don’t need two or three and one quarter. I have schizophrenia and his mother’s hybridization … # Schizophrenia # Shams Al-Kuwaiti.”

And she was Shams Kuwaiti She recently appeared in a daring episode of the Qada Men’s program, in its third season, where she made a number of shocking statements about harassment, and defended women who are being harassed, and also defended men who face accusations of being harassed, and they did nothing but flirt.

Shams said that she does not consider the word courtesy, elegant flirtation, or flirtation as harassment, and on the contrary, she is very happy to hear these words, explaining that a woman who has confidence in her beauty and adorns herself will be happy if she hears these words, and that a woman who considers this to be harassment has a deficiency .

The Kuwaiti artist explained that she had never thought of the harasser, given that her position on him is an issue of ethics and honor, and recounted that one time she flirted with a man and that she did not consider this a crisis or a diminution of it.


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