She grew up in Europe and speaks 4 languages, and this is her opinion of marriage .. B. Stories


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Tuesday 06 October 2020

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:
Today, Tuesday, October 6, the artist Bushra celebrates her 39th birthday, as she was born in 1981, and is considered one of the artists who possesses a real artistic talent that was able to show her in a number of areas in which she participated, whether at the level of acting or singing.
In conjunction with this occasion, “Masrawy” reviews information and stories about Bushra on her birthday:
Her name is Bushra Ahmed Abdullah Razza, and her father is Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Razza, one of the leaders of the student movement in the 1970s era.

She got British citizenship because she was raised in England.

– She first worked as a broadcaster, then moved to acting in 2002 with the presentation of her first work, Sitcom, “Shabab Online”.

– I entered the field of singing through the duet of “Tabat and Nabat” with the artist Mahmoud Al-Asaily, then presented a number of songs, the last of which was “Cobra” in which I attacked Muhammad Ramadan before they reconciled.

Bushra produced a number of films, most notably “The Suspect”.

– She is considered one of the founders of the El Gouna Film Festival, which achieved great success in a short period.

Bushra married Amr Raslan and gave birth to “Ismail and Layla”, before she separated from him.

– Bushra participated in the starring of several films, including “Open Your Eyes, Ouija, Gedo Habibi, the story in which is Menna, I am not with them, about love and passion, and what crime, the children fled, and Alexandria New York.”

She also participated in several series starring, including: “Hidden Worlds and Operation Messi, Aunt Nour, and Meet Ala Al-Hawa”.

– In an interview with “Gossips”, one of the famous programs on social media, Bushra reproached the artist Mahmoud Al-Asaily, saying: “Al-Asaily escapes from me .. The money of the fame changed him, and his last joy went away. He was a policeman that we are doing a song Sawa, he offers good music and understands My Voice “, this comes after the success they achieved together with the song” Tabat and Nabat “.

– In 2017, the artist, Bushra, was a guest on the program “The Women Mayerfush Yakdboa” and made several statements, including: “There are similarities between me and the artist Dalida, and I dream of presenting a series about her life in which we highlight the Egyptian and Arab side of her personality.”

– She said: “My character is an open and clear book. I am the daughter of my generation and my experience that I have lived. I can speak 4 languages: English, German, Italian and Arabic..and the artist must be sophisticated to communicate with others.”

– “My upbringing in Europe taught me respect for time, work, pluralism and diversity. In Egypt, marriage is the end of love .. and in all countries of the world the beginning of love, and my children Ismail and Layla are the best thing for marriage.


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