She revealed her true religion … Aida Riad tops Google with a surprising comment


topped up Aida Riad Search indicators (Trend) on Google, due to the emergence of an unofficial page of her on the social networking site, following her a statement of refusing to insult the Prophet Muhammad despite her being Christian, despite She denied having a Facebook page, but later confirmed in press statements that she refused to insult the Messenger Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.
And she was Aida RiadShe explained in a previous interview In the “Red Line” program, on Al-Hadath TV channel today, that it does not have social media pages, it has nothing to do with technology, and cannot deal with it. Follow-up: “I saw a picture of someone who posted my picture and worked for a Umrah, and united with my name, repeating it, and I am originally Christian and I don’t have Facebook At the time, I spoke with Ashraf Zaki. ”
Aida was born in Cairo on this day in 1954, and began her artistic life at the age of ten, when her talent for dance appeared, and she proved brilliance in many dances, as she possesses all the elements of a skilled performing dancer from a slim, harmonious body, and a musical ear sensitive to musical rhythms Which she was keeping by heart; This qualified her to join Ridas Folklore Troupe, which gained a lot of experience To become the band’s first dancer after years of travel and hard training.

In the seventies of the last century, “Riad” began to enter the world of acting in addition to the performance dance, where she was nominated for the movie “The Dawn Visitor”, then the movie A Girl named Mahmoud and then the return of the prodigal son. It turned to dramas, where the series Al-Mal and Al-Banoon was a great starting point for her. Then came the series “The Mountain, The Legend, Case of Love, Temporary Name, Al Furiji, The Godfather”.

Her nomination for the film “Dreams of Hind and Camelia” in 1988 was the defining point during her career, as she placed her in the ranks of famous stars, in which she stood in front of the artist Najla Fathy and the late artist Ahmed Zaki, and then followed directly by the movie Ambar of Death and then Shabab Ali Kaf Afrit.

Then Aida Riaz participated in a number of important artworks that were considered among the most important classics, including the movie Blood Ghazal, Kit Kat, the innocent and the executioner, and Naama Bay.


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