Sherine Adel intensifies filming hours for “One Day and One Night” and prepares for the Muhammad Imam series


Director Sherine Adel is intensifying the number of hours of filming the series “One Day and One Night” by the star Ahmed Rizk, in many places to finish it during the coming period, to start previewing the decorations for the new Muhammad Imam series expected to be shown in the next Ramadan drama season, which is produced by Synergy Company, and written by Mohamed Salah Al-Azab to prepare a big surprise for his fans, as well as agreeing on all the details, under the leadership of Hossam Shawky, General Manager of the company.

In the same context, Synergy Company decided to change the name of the work, “The King”, to another name, as its makers are looking for an alternative name for it at the present time, as Imam returns through it to the popular theme that the public loves.

It is noteworthy that Muhammad Imam showed him the movie “The Thief of Baghdad”, which achieved great success in its screening in cinemas, and co-starring Fathi Abdel Wahab, Muhammad Abdul Rahman, Amina Khalil, and others, written by Tamer Ibrahim, directed by Ahmed Khaled Moussa, produced by Synergy Films .


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