Smouha coach on terminating the contract with the Al-Ahly player: transgressed the laws that it had established


Ahmed Sami, the coach of the first football team at Smouha Club, spoke about the details of the termination of the contract with Karim Yahya Al Maar from the Al-Ahly club, and Ahmed Sami confirmed that Karim is a good player and loaned from Al-Ahly to Samouha. Television statements on “Ontime Sports 2”: “All players want to participate, but there are restrictions and players should not transcend them. He is a respectable player and has not gone beyond the way some people think.”

The well-known coach stressed: “The matter was simple and there is no problem, but it is no longer within the ranks of Smouha. I set laws and as long as a specific player transcends them, the matter must be settled.”

Msolo S.Moha The contract was signed with defender Karim Yahya Al Maar from Al-Ahly and the player was informed of the termination of the contract with him after the rebellion against his technical director Ahmed Sami and the objection in an inappropriate manner after the match between Al-Ittihad Al-Sakandar yesterday. EGP for him as a result of his reaction to not participating in Al-Ittihad of Alexandria


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