Snapchat gets a new feature




The administrators of the popular “Snapchat” application for social networking announced that users of the application from iOS devices will have a long-awaited feature.

And “Snapchat” indicated in its blog on the Internet that users of its application from iOS devices in all countries of the world can now add music clips to the clips they photograph or want to publish through the application.

She explained that the list of music tracks available within this feature for users currently includes a wide range of melodies and songs that have been licensed by Warner Chappell Music, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group.

“Snapchat” did not clarify when this feature will reach the users of its application via Android devices, and indicated that it is currently testing other features that allow users to make their own audio clips to attach them to the pictures and clips in the application.

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Since its launch in 2011, this application has become among the most popular social media applications, and a prominent competitor to “Instagram”, and today it is classified as one of the most downloaded applications across devices and smartphones.

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