Special | The first comment from Nancy, the daughter of Rania Youssef, after wearing a dress


11:12 PM

Friday 30 October 2020

I wrote – Mona Al-Moji:

Photography – Alaa Ahmed:

Rania Youssef surprised everyone with the presence of her youngest daughter Nancy, with her the closing ceremony of the fourth session of the El Gouna Film Festival, wearing the same dress as her mother, known in the media, “the dress of the lining.”

Rania said in a special statement to “Masrawy” that her daughter was the one who chose to wear the dress, for her daughter to respond, saying, “I saw that it was just a dress that I liked. And wearing it is normal.”

When asked if she decided to work in the artistic field, especially after her participation in the movie “Aswar”, in which her mother is starring, Nancy said, “I do not want to work as an actress,” and that she has not yet determined the field in which she would like to work.

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