Sumaya al-Khashab dances to “Oday Al-Kalam” alone to celebrate her birthday (video)


The Egyptian actress Sumaya El Khashab celebrated her 54th birthday. Alone, without invitees from family and friends, she appeared dancing to the rhythm of the song “Oday Al-Kalam” by Moroccan star Saad Lamjarred.
Sumaya published a video clip on “Instagram” while dancing in a short transparent black dress. She holds a “bouquet of flowers” in her hand.
Al-Khashab attached a comment to the video, saying: “I am grateful and proud of every year that passed by me, and I want to thank you for all your messages and your sweet greeting, O sweetest audience in the world.”
Hundreds of followers offered congratulations and congratulations to the artist on the occasion of her birthday, which coincided with the same date of birth of many of her followers, while one of them called for her to return to participating in artworks after her long absence.
One of them commented, saying: “We want to see you in new works, Sumaya. You are still young and you have a lot in front of you, and life does not stop at marriage or divorce, but you have to go back strongly for the next period and wish you every good and every year and you are good.”
The Egyptian artist had aroused the ridicule of followers on social media, after publishing a video clip in her personal account, in which she sings in the Iraqi dialect, during which she chose to sing the song “Oh My Psychology”, and her performance was the subject of controversy and ridicule by many.
Meanwhile, a legal battle broke out between Sumaya al-Khashab and her ex-husband, the Egyptian singer Ahmed Saad Last March, after announcing their separation, less than a year after their marriage, then accusations rolled between the two parties, until the matter reached the courts.
And one of the Egyptian courts had ruled to punish the artist Sumaya Al-Khashab, with 3 years imprisonment and a bail of 50 thousand pounds for issuing a check without balance, worth one million pounds in favor of the artist Ahmed Saad.
In turn, Ahmed Saad denied his connection with the ruling issued against Sumaya al-Khashab, saying: “Despite all that was raised about the current crisis of the artist Sumaya al-Khashab, which occurred through a procedural error and without my knowledge, and I am now outside Egypt, I clarify and only to the right and whatever the differences are that it has already been settled and agreed upon. Settlement with satisfied souls.


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