Sunday application .. Cairo decides to cancel the school queue and close any v


11:52 PM

Saturday 24 October 2020


The Cairo governorate decided, to cancel the morning queue, provided that supervising teachers are distributed over the yard and stairs so that students organize while climbing the stairs until entering the classroom with a commitment to having more than one space per school day, with all school employees obliging to wear a mask and a teacher is prohibited from entering the classroom without the muzzle In addition to providing water, soap and alcohol in all areas of the school.

The Directorate of Education in Cairo confirmed that Mohamed Attia, Director of the Cairo Education Directorate, discussed the instructions of Major General Khaled Abdel Aal, the Governor of Cairo, with the general directors and agents of educational departments online in the presence of Mohamed Abdel Tawab, Director General of General Education and Experiments, and all the leaders of the Directorate, and all the directives of the Cairo governor were circulated. , To be applied tomorrow with the beginning of the second week of the study.

The governor of Cairo stressed the presence of the health visitor and not allowing them to leave the school except in an official way, and schools communicate with the Board of Trustees to help prevent parents from accumulating outside the school through awareness meetings between the school and the Board of Trustees.

The director of the directorate assured that the general manager’s assurance of intensifying follow-ups and reviewing follow-up plans, and the agent of the administration should pass the largest number of schools, and review plans for various stages and directives so that all schools of administration are covered in one week.

The Director General of General Education assured that the follow-up should start early before the students enter the school so that he makes sure of the availability of preventive and precautionary measures by the school, the availability of alcohol and disinfectants, the wearing of masks for the workers, and the application of separation measures, stressing that the class does not exceed 25 students, and confirming the declaration of schedules of learning resources ( Online) for the parent to follow along with the class schedule.

The director of the directorate stressed the completion and activation of textbooks and tablets, and social education officials in the departments should communicate with the parents of the absent students to find out the reason for the absence and the reassurance of the guardian so that the child returns to school and not to engage in malicious rumors in order to limit the students ’absence, and hold meetings. Seminars to educate students and parents and introduce them to ways to prevent the spread of the virus and limit gatherings in order to preserve public health, follow up on students’ behaviors and monitor any negativity, and the necessary meetings are held to reduce them.

The director of the directorate also stressed that high school officials should close the smart board (password) and not allow students to operate it individually and run movies and succession on it, and if it is proven otherwise, the “class lead – the role supervisor – the class teacher – the general supervisor – the school principal” will be held accountable. Electronic devices and school furniture.

Attia directed to close a chapter in the event of infection from separation and mixing, and the decision is made to transfer education in that semester to online, in coordination with the Directorate and the medical district, spraying classes and seats daily, and emphasizing the cleanliness and disinfection of the toilets on a timely basis, adjusting the thermal scanner, and emphasizing the role Vigilance of the health visitor and tighten procedures.

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