Surprisingly, in the rape of “the employee of Khanka” … the security forces found a video documenting the scene


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The security services revealed new details about the rape of an employee of Khanka in Qalyubia governorate, at the hands of 4 dangerous registrants, one of whom had an emotional relationship with the victim, as a video clip documenting the scene of the rape of the victim was found on the accused’s cell phone.

Security sources said, by examining the phones of the four defendants, a sexual clip was found, one of whom confessed to filming it while the victim was in bed with the aim of threatening her not to report them, and the Public Prosecution ordered to refer the victim to forensic medicine to ensure that the elements of the crime of rape were available.

The Public Prosecution had ordered the imprisonment of 4 defendants pending investigations on charges of sexual assault at gunpoint on an employee in the Khanka area, and charges of rape and theft were charged. The investigation revealed the false statements of the victim that an unknown person had intercepted the “tuk-tuk” vehicle that she was traveling on the white farm road in the center’s circle, and forced her under the threat of a white weapon and drove her to the agricultural area. Three other people were waiting for him and they sexually assaulted her at gunpoint .

The investigations confirmed that the victim had an emotional relationship with one of the four defendants and went with him to his apartment, and upon her arrival, she was surprised that 3 other friends of his friends were waiting for her, and they tore her clothes and sexually assaulted her at gunpoint, then they stole her mobile phone and fled.

The victim said: “The one who loved him came up with a traitor and gave me a gift to his friends and worked on a group rape party. They did not show mercy to my pleas and my constant crying.” She indicated that she tried to escape at first but was surprised that one of them put his hand on her mouth, and the second placed the fold over her neck, and the third began to tear My clothes and the fourth – her lover – stood watching the road, and she confirmed that the four defendants took turns raping her for an hour, after which they stole her phone and ran away and left her naked. Her mobile phone, and with their instructions, the two pieces of white weapon used in the commission of the incident and the victim’s mobile phone were seized.

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