“Sweet Asmarat” … a sentence that exposed the fugitive Hisham Abdullah and his wife on social media


A case of controversy that arose on social media, triggered by a sentence published by the well-known lawyer Tariq Al-Awadi through his Facebook account, which is:Sweet Asmarat », offensively offensive Ghada Najib, wife of the fugitive brother Hisham Abdullah.

The mutual accusations between the lawyer Tariq Al-Awadi and Ghada Najib, the wife of the fugitive Brotherhood, Hisham Abdullah, caused a state of severe ridicule among the pioneers of social communication, as the followers considered that many details about the agents of the terrorist group were exposed.

One of the participants said that the Brotherhood Hisham Abdullah and his wife Ghada Najib, agents of the Brotherhood, Qatar and Turkey, launched a violent campaign on social media against lawyer Tariq Al-Awadi just because he said .. “God is sweet Asmarat.”

He added, “The quagmire has grown, and all Al-Mustaqhibi is that … Tariq Al-Awadi responded to his insult and says to my brothers Hisham Abdullah,” Ijouz Al-Sitt, the servants of the Brotherhood, who will receive 4,500 dollars a month. “

Another participant said, “When Ghada Naguib calmed with Tariq Al-Awadi and told him,” Oh, Amnji, “Tariq said that they asked him to show them a way to return to Egypt, and they would sit quietly after he mediated the return of Tariq Abdel Jaber.

And he continued, “Tariq Al-Awadi understood that these insults are all because he asks why Al-Jazeera, what live videos of the people of Arish returning to their homes, because this means confusing them with the owners of funds.”

A third directed his speech to “Hisham Abdullah and his wife,” said: Yashwiya are agents of the sheep. Your scent wafted, and all the people knew how to scare you.

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