Tamer Hosni Birkows Menna Shalaby Ali, one and a half … Watch


The artist Tamer Hosni refreshed the memory of the audience of the movie “Nour Aini”, which was shown in the cinemas in 2010, with a song from the cinematic work that he co-starred, which is “Ya O Mafish”, singing it with the film’s heroine, actress Menna Shalaby, during the wedding of the artist Amir Brother Actress Ilham Shaheen Ali Menna Jaballah, yesterday, in the presence of artists.

“Hosni” dissolved in a video from the wedding party, singing, and next to him “Shalabi” interacts, on the stage and standing near the newlyweds, and said: “Where is Menna Shalaby’s roof, this is her song?” “I said my words, this is my order, and not the rest of the words, I am not guaranteed. I can turn crazy. If I see you with others, woe, I will not remain completely.”

The wedding ceremony was held in a Cairo hotel, in the presence of a number of artists; Hala Sidqi, Mohamed Mounir, the artist Amr Diab and Dina El-Sherbiny, as well as the artist Samir Sabry, Belba, Boussi and Sabreen. The media, Bossi Shalaby, participated from the first moments of the wedding with pictures and clips of the appearance of the bride and her first meeting with “Shaheen”, in addition to the artist’s blessings, through her personal page at “Instagram.” ».

The movie “Nour Aini”, directed by Wael Ihsan and written by Tamer Hosni. The events of the film revolve around two friends, one of whom travels to a European country and gets to know a blind girl and falls in love with her. This country is looking for a modern medical method to help her regain her sight, and then the two friends burst into flames.


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