Tara Emad: My beauty is 10/10 and I love grasping in the mirror Video


Mohammed Sultan Mahmoud
ON TV conducted a quick interview with Tara Emad behind the scenes of the fourth session of the El Gouna Film Festival, within the segment “ON Gouna” presented by Ahmed Mahdi, in which they answered a number of quick questions.

Tara Emad revealed that she evaluates her beauty today at 10/10 and that she repeated it a lot to herself throughout the day, because she sees the need to praise herself.

She liked looking in the mirror, she explained, but she did it more in her childhood, acting, singing and dancing in front of the woman all day.

Tara Emad confirmed her love for the role of Khaled El Sawy in the movie “The Blue Elephant”, so she thinks that the best 3 films presented by El Sawy are “The Blue Elephant, then the Blue Elephant and the Blue Elephant.”


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