The accused of murdering his wife and sister-in-law represents his crime: I saw them in the arms of some and smashed them



The accused of killing his wife and the husband of his sister in the Senoras district in the Fayoum governorate, the accused of killing his wife and the husband of his sister represents his crime: I saw them in the embrace of some and slaughtered them After they were caught in an immoral situation, a simulation of the crime he committed, in front of the investigation authorities that escorted him to the crime scene, under heavy guard, and the accused represented his crime by stabbing his wife and then slaughtering his sister’s husband.


The accused made a detailed confession in front of the investigation authorities, saying: “I killed them because of my honor … and she betrayed me, my life did not complain about them, but coincidence revealed to me the betrayal .. I stabbed my wife with a kitchen knife, and smashed my sister’s nuts, the subject took no more than 10 minutes.”

During his discussion, the accused added that he had married the victim several years ago, supported a family of 4 people, and resided in the family home next to his brothers and sisters, and completed, “On the day of the crime I woke up in the morning and had breakfast with my wife and family members.”

He continued: “I put on my clothes and went to my workplace in the market to sell poultry, and after I reached my store, I was surprised by the loss of the door key. I tried to call my wife and was surprised.

By switching off her phone.


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