The amount of 82 million pounds … A brother finds a treasure of valuable possessions in his brother’s house after his death photo


After the death of Britain’s biggest savior, his brother found treasure Daveen houses over 60,000 items collected, stacked floor-to-ceiling inside his home, which could fetch up to £ 4m at auction. The man piled massive collections of everything he bought from floor to ceiling in every room inside a listed house in Nottingham, forcing him to move to a hotel a year before his death because there was no empty space in his house.

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The man rented an additional one-bedroom apartment, two garages, as well as part of a neighbor’s garden, and 24 bicycling boxes in order to store all the things. The treasure Eclectic Thousands of items from Beatles memorabilia, autographed photos and historical letters about President John F Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Gandhi and Elvis Presley.

Also found are over 6000 vintage comics, over 4000 rare books, 3000 vintage chemistry sets, brand new cameras and lenses, and 12 Rickenbacker guitars dating from the 1960s and 1970s.

There is also an “excellent” collection of Russian and American space exploration memorabilia that includes slides and images as well as cinematic reels, radios, ghetto pistols from the 1980s, Airfix models, and lots of jewelry.

It was Hoarder Who died suddenly earlier this year at the age of 44, bachelor who lived alone in a 3-bedroom house in Nottingham.

And he began collecting things about 18 years ago with the intention of selling them throughout the day when he retired, neighbors say that the mail truck full of parcels frequented weekly to the man’s house, due to the large number of things he was buying.

The hoarder worked as a computer programmer and it was still a mystery how he found the money to buy those entire sets. The hoarder’s brother called in astonished auctioneers to scan the house, he had no idea the size of his brother’s collection.

It took a team of 8 men in three pickup trucks over a period of 6 weeks to empty the house of all the items, and they were only able to get to the house by removing the boxes and bags in front of them, and clearing the road as they went.

All 18 employees at the auction house tasked with selling them have all spent the last four weeks unpacking packages, they have dedicated 3 rooms to store everything in them and they will sell the amazing collection in 3,000 items over a period of 4 days.

They found a large number of unopened items, in brand new or original condition, and the total estimate was placed anywhere between 500,000 and 4,000,000 pounds (roughly 82 million Egyptian pounds).

It’s believed the owner bought most of them on eBay, but he’s also attended conferences and conventions to collect thousands of other items.

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