The Cabinet Medical Relief Committee responds to the young man, Amr Gomaa (details)


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In implementation of the directives of Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, to work on responding to humanitarian cases as soon as they are monitored through the media, as well as social media sites, the Medical Relief Committee in the Council of Ministers responded to an appeal that was widely circulated by the pioneers of social networking sites to help the young Amr Jumaa, 35 A year-old, who had a train accident in 2008, which resulted in an amputation above the knee in both legs, and a third amputation in one of the forearms under the elbow, and it was found that he needed to install prosthetic limbs to help him move to make a living.

Immediately, the rapid intervention team of the Medical Relief Committee contacted the young Amr. To complete all the medical data and reports on his case, as well as communicate and coordinate with Dr. Hisham Al-Salami, a rheumatology and rehabilitation consultant, who recommended that the case be directed to the Armed Forces Hospital for physical therapy, rehabilitation and rheumatism in Al-Agouza; To be presented to the medical committee on Monday, October 26, to assess his health condition, in preparation for the fitting of prosthetic limbs if necessary, and according to what the medical committee approves.

Dr. Hossam Al-Masry, the medical advisor to the prime minister and head of the committee, said that the medical relief committee contacted Major General Mohamed Al-Sharif, the Governor of Alexandria, who contacted the young man personally and promised to honor him financially and morally, and coordination was made with the Ministry of Social Solidarity to provide social care for the case and provide A decent life for a young man; The committee believes in the necessity of integration and coordination between all authorities responsible for providing health and social care to citizens.

At the same time, Dr. Hossam Al-Masry affirmed that the committee will continue to closely follow cases, and he also stressed that it continues to monitor the medical assistance to citizens around the clock, in accordance with the continuous directives of the Prime Minister in this regard.

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