The case of the “Maadi Girl” … what does the law say about the punishment of the accused?


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Thursday 15 October 2020

Books – Mahmoud Al-Saeed:

Today, Thursday, the Maadi Prosecution ordered a 4-day pre-trial detention of dangerous registrants pending investigations into their accusation of dragging the hostile girl Mary Muhammad Ali to death while she was being stolen in the Maadi area, and charged them with premeditated murder associated with the crime of coerced theft.

What does the law say about the punishment of the accused if they are referred to trial?

The two defendants committed the crime of premeditated murder associated with theft, which is a “felony” that is examined by the criminal court.

Article 234 of the Penal Code stipulates that “Whoever deliberately kills a person without premeditation or surveillance shall be punished with permanent or temporary hard labor.

Nevertheless, the perpetrator of this felony shall be sentenced to death if it was presented, accompanied or followed by another felony. “

Investigations in the “Maadi Girl” case indicate that the defendants killed the victim while they stole her handbag under duress, and therefore it is expected that they will be sentenced to death by hanging, according to the judgment of the trial court.

In that case there is also the circumstance of the link between premeditated murder and the crime of theft, because the accused killed the victim for the purpose of stealing her bag and therefore the murder crime took place with intent to steal, according to Order No. 4007 of 82 in the hearing of May 15, 2014.

Dozens of family and friends of the body of the “Maadi Girl”, Maryam Muhammad, performed funeral prayers on her at the Sayyida Nafisa mosque.

A number of the victim’s friends at work and university gathered in black “uniforms”, in addition to her parents and a number of her relatives in front of Mrs. Nafisa Mosque.

The victim is to be buried in the family cemetery in the city of Belbeis, in Al Sharqiya.

The Public Prosecution is conducting investigations into an accident that claimed the life of a girl in the Maadi neighborhood, after she received a report from the emergency room at the Maadi Police Department within seven oclock that the twenty-four-year-old victim, Maryam, had died.

The Public Prosecution said in a statement, that a witness had informed the police of seeing a car (a white microbus) in which two were traveling, whose driver’s escort snatched the victim’s bag from it, which led to her colliding with a parked car and then her death.

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