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I received many comments on the article “professional axioms” in which I dealt with the topic of Hillary Clinton’s correspondence. I chose two comments to present to the reader, the first from Dr. Ahmed Hubei, in which he said:

Peace be upon you

Kindly for your article regarding Hillary Clinton’s email leaks. I simply see that the American administration dealt with an elected faction that has its own rules (the matter has nothing to do with conspiracy or anything else) and this faction provided reassurances to American concerns about the freedom of navigation in the Suez Canal, passing through the security of Israel and adopting the liberal capitalist approach in addition to confronting the Russian expansion into warm waters, in addition to – and this The most important thing is to understand – all the spectrums of political Islam from the far right to the far left in a democratic process, in addition to denying the accusation against America of its hostility to Islam, and these were the bets of the Obama administration.

After the 30th of June the papers were scattered and the project faltered, and this is the reason why the Obama administration rejected the June 30 revolution, but also revealed a startling failure in managing relations with America, and the relationship is limited to the official departments of the White House, Congress, Foreign Affairs and Pentagon. Others, such as pressure groups, the military industrial complex, Silicon Valley-Technology institutions, human rights groups, the media, newspapers, research centers, and universities.

Also absent from us is an understanding of the Anglo-Saxon Protestant utilitarian mentality that accepts compromises and rejects zero-sum battles and that with pressure
Concessions and bargains can be reached for the win_win equation.

The time has come for us to start building a network of relationships and links with all political, media, economic, human rights and think tanks across the US, all of which are more meaningful than Clinton’s correspondence.

As for the second message, it came from the professor of linguistics, Dr. Jalal Shams al-Din, and it says:

Honorable Dr. Amr Al-Shobaki – after the greeting ..

I think that after the White House announced Hillary Clinton’s contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood regarding empowering them to rule and fragmenting the institutions of the Egyptian state, it is time for the Egyptian judiciary involved in this scheme to be brought to trial on charges of treason and intelligence with a foreign party with the aim of harming the integrity of the homeland. Please know the legal opinion on this legal matter. Thank you.

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