The current position of the second place struggle between Zamalek and Pyramids after the latter’s tie with Al-Ahly


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The goalless draw settled the Al-Ahly and Pyramids match, which was hosted by Cairo International Stadium, this evening, Sunday, in the 33rd round of the Egyptian Premier League competition.

And renewed the runner-up struggle in the Egyptian Premier League with this tie between the Zamalek and Pyramids teams.

Pyramids raised its score to 64 points from 33 games, ranking third in the competition table, behind Zamalek, second-placed, with 65 points from 32 games, before its match tomorrow against Haras El Hodoud.

With the implementation of the decision of the five-year committee running the Egyptian Football Association to deduct 3 points from Zamalek for not attending the summit match against Al-Ahly in the first round, the current situation will be:

Pyramids, with 64 points, are in second place from 33 games, and they have a match against the Arab Contractors in the final round of the competition.

As for Zamalek, it comes third (after deducting the three points) with 62 points from 32 skippers, and it has two matches remaining against each of the border guards and the Ismaili.

It is enough for Zamalek to win any result in the Al-Haras and Al-Ismaili matches in order to claim the runners-up without considering the result of the last Pyramids match against Al-Mokawloon.

As for Pyramids, he has no choice but to win his last match against the Arab Contractors and wait for Zamalek to stumble in one of his matches against El Guards or Ismaili, even with a draw or a loss.

It is worth noting that the second place will be awarded to the winning team to participate in the next edition of the African Champions League.

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