The defendants could not be brought to the “Belbeis Air Force Base,” their trial is postponed to November 2nd


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The Eastern Criminal Court decided to postpone the retrial of the defendants in the case known in the media as “filming the Belbeis Air Base” for the November 2 session, because the defendants were not brought from their custody.

The East Cairo Military Court had issued the verdict on 170 defendants in Case No. 247 of 2016, known in the media as “filming the Belbeis Air Base.

Where it punished 9 defendants with life imprisonment, 4 accused of aggravated persons for 15 years, and 4 others with 10 years of aggravation.

The court sentenced 4 other defendants to five years imprisonment, and one defendant to 5 years imprisonment

The court exempted defendant No. 85 from punishment and acquitted two defendants of the charges against them

And the court decided to return the papers of 145 defendants to the Public Prosecution, as the court has no jurisdiction to hear their trial.

The facts of the case included the defendants ’committing the murder of the deputy sheriff of the Faisal Police Department in Suez, placing an explosive device next to the Renaissance Cinema in Suez, targeting army cars on the Egypt-Iran road, targeting the Suez Petroleum Company gas line, killing soldiers of the Armed Forces in the Aswan-Badr Suez insurance service, and targeting one of The ships in the canal, the police department in Benha, the police college in Abbasiya, the 101st Brigade in North Sinai, the theft of the Bahtim post office, the monitoring of security points on the Ismailia canal, the monitoring of some members of the Abshwa police station in Fayoum, the burning of an officer’s car in Tafih, and the burning of the Mobinil company tower in the village He connected me to Tfih, and the Mobinil Tower was burned in Arab Ashrafieh with Atfih, and one of the cars of Aminco Company and the Post Office Company of the Thousand Houses were stolen, and the garage of the subway in Shubra was monitored.

The indictment included that the defendants obtained, by illegal means, one of the country’s defense secrets, by taking pictures with a mobile phone equipped with a camera at Belbeis Air Force Base, in preparation for targeting it, and the papers revealed that the defendants had placed an explosive device near the Dome Palace.

The prosecutor charged the defendants during the investigations with accusations of seeking with a terrorist group based outside the country and joining a terrorist group “ISIS, Syria and Libya” and placing an explosive device near the Qubbah Palace that did not explode due to a technical failure in it, and they tried to place explosive devices near Al-Marj prison and embrace ideas based on the ruler’s takfir and he must be fought, claiming that he is working By an institutional law, which is the constitution, and to expiate everyone who works and supports this law, including the police, the army and the judiciary, and monitoring a number of police ambushes and vital installations and joining a terrorist group established in contravention of the provisions of the constitution and the law, whose purpose is to disrupt state institutions and prevent them from practicing their work, and to receive training The hands of the Ansar Beit al-Maqdis organization in the Sinai, targeting the security forces.

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