The fact of the arrest of Hasan Shakoush and Hamo Beka – Fikr and Art – East and West


The two Egyptian festivals singers Hamo Beka and Hassan Shakoush revealed the truth about their arrest.

Hamo Beka and Hassan Shakoush denied that they were arrested by the police of artistic works, Friday morning, during an unauthorized ceremony.

Becca explained that the party was in the Mansouriya area, and it was not a singing, but a regular evening.

He asserted that during the raid on the artworks he was not on stage.

For his part, festivals singer Hassan Shakoush appeared, in a live broadcast on his Facebook page, to deny the news of his arrest.

Shakoush explained that he was at a party in the downtown Cairo hotel, and he was surprised by news that he was arrested in the Mansouriya area with Hamo Beka and Omar Kamal.

He added that he called Hamo Beka and Omar Kamal to reassure them, and that only the organizer of the Mansouriya party was arrested.

Earlier, local media sources reported that artistic works in Egypt arrested festivals singers Hassan Shakoush and Hamo Beka, while they were singing without permits and holding a concert in violation of Cabinet decisions related to the Corona pandemic in Mansouriya.



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