“The family” decides to increase the alimony for his son Ahmed al-Fishawi to 20,000 pounds


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Today, Wednesday, the ancient Egyptian family court in Cairo decided to increase the expenses of a small child for Lina Ahmed El-Fishawy, the daughter of artist Ahmed El-Fishawy, from his former wife, Hind El-Hinnawy, to 20,000 pounds.

Shaaban Saeed, the lawyer for the divorcee of al-Fishawi, presented a portfolio of documents and official papers indicating the high net income of Ahmed al-Fishawi, and he also submitted a certificate from the Acting Professions Syndicate in which the number of series and films he participated in was limited, and he was supported by the security services’ investigations.

“Said” had filed a lawsuit for a small alimony increase for Lina Ahmed El-Fishawy, the daughter of his client, Hind El-Henawy, and artist Ahmed El-Fishawy, who was previously estimated at 10,000 pounds.

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