The father of “Baby Toukh” accuses his wife of causing their son to die of starvation: “She told me 10 minutes and went back.”


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The father accused with his wife of killing their infant by starving him for 9 days said that his wife told him before leaving the house that she would buy some belongings and would return within 10 minutes, and that he did not know that she would not return.

He added in the prosecution’s investigations that he wore his clothes until the wife returned to go to work, and when she was late, he called her, but she did not reply, indicating that he thought that she did not reply that she was close to returning.

The father continued that he had left for work, thinking that his wife had returned to the house, and that he had tried to contact her more than once, but she did not answer, and that he was not worried about her lack of response.

The father stated that he did not expect his wife to be stripped of the feelings of motherhood and to leave her baby while he was still not completing his fourth month, even if she believed that he was with his father.

The father added: “I came back after 9 days of working in Cairo, and as soon as I opened the door to the apartment, I smelled a bad smell and searched for the beds, but I could not find them. I looked at the child’s bed and found it moldy.”

The father was shocked and kept crying, as he says in the investigations, adding that “he did not imagine that the son had stayed in the apartment for that long, alone and that he died of starvation, and he thought that his wife had something wrong with her.”

The opposition judge at Toukh Partial Court decided to renew the detention of the infant’s parents for a period of 15 days pending investigations into the incident.

The prosecution charged the mother and the father with 4 accusations, the first of which was premeditated murder without premeditation and stalking, the second charge of causing the death of a person by mistake as a result of negligence, recklessness and lack of respect, and the third exposing a child to danger, and the fourth for exposing a child to danger under 7 years of age by inheriting a place devoid of human beings.

Prosecutor’s investigations revealed that the parents of the child who died from starvation had married nearly 4 years ago, and that their differences were due to the household expense and because of the wife’s constant request for money, and disputes had already arisen between them that nearly reached a divorce and had it not been for the intervention of the parents and the two families between them, they would have been separated.

In her statements before the prosecution office, the mother justified her failure to check on her “deceased” son during her 9-day absence, thinking that his father was accompanying him and taking care of him, pointing out that her husband, the father of the child, was mistreating her, saying: “He was not able to provide the services I provide to our two children, so I decided to leave He has the baby to take charge of him, feel my importance, and even discipline him. ”

The mother added, I did not expect that he would leave him alone without a question or leave him to someone to take care of him and go out to work without informing me or arranging a way to support the child until I was surprised by telling me that he had died and accusing me of being behind the accident.

The neighbors of the father and mother confirmed in their statements before the prosecution that the child’s father returned from his work in one of the stores in Cairo to be surprised by the death of his son on the bed and informs the security services, and they added that the mother had previously left her child in the street and went to her family in addition to another incident when she left her two children before They were alone in the apartment, but the eldest child, Marwan, told the neighbors that they were alone and saved them.

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