The feud between Prince William and Harry will only end in this case


The royal expert, Ingrid Seward, said in statements to British media that she feared that the damage to the two brothers’ relationship could not be repaired after the Duke of Sussex’s decision, Prince Harry, to move away from royal life with his wife, a former American actress.Megan Markle“.

Seward, who has been following the tribulations and crises of the British royal family for decades, believes that only a “terrible tragedy” can be enough to bring the two brothers back to the same level of closeness they had previously enjoyed.

She added that the decision of “Harry” and his wife “Megan” to separate from the royal family was also puzzling for his grandfather, Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain and the holder of the title Duke of Edinburgh; And she added that Prince “Philip”, who is 99 years old, was unable to understand the couple’s decision, adding that their failure to Their royal duties Annoyed him.

She indicated that, in her opinion, the relationship of Princess Dianas two sons had become a broken one, so she did not suggest the possibility of their relationship returning to what it was in the past. And she continued: “I think maybe if something happened to Katherine (Kate Middleton) or Megan, the two brothers would be together again.”

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” quoted the royal expert as saying: “If there is a terrible tragedy, it will bring them together, but other than that I do not think that this relationship can be fixed.” However, she stated at the same time that what she mentioned is her personal opinion and may not Be right about it.


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