The first series about vitiligo patients … Jamila Awad reveals her role in “Ina I” and how she sought help from a psychiatrist news


The actress, Jamila Awad, revealed the scenes of her role in the series “Ella Ana”, which was topped by search engines yesterday after the first episode of its episode was shown on the dmc channel.

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Jamila said in a telephone interview with the “Final Word” program presented by the media, Lamees Al-Hadidi on “ON” channel, that her role is the story of a girl who suffers from vitiligo from her childhood, pointing out that someone who suffers from vitiligo from his childhood is subjected to bullying throughout his life compared to those who suffer from it at the stage Older age.

She added that the series reflects the social life of Vitiligo patients, and how to coexist with it, as it is a model for challenge and coexistence with the disease and verifies itself in her work, revealing that she read a lot about the disease in a scientific way before performing the role, but in performing her role in terms of feelings, she relied on watching the injured in various videos through On their coexistence with illness and their tragedy.

Jamila Awad continued: “Make-up was a difficult challenge because it takes 7 hours daily for the dawr to master, and throughout the time it was prepared there were people holding my hand and the last of my face.”

On bullying against women in society with vitiligo compared to men, she said: “I don’t want to be biased in this particular story related to Vitiligo, because it (s) for both men and women, and while doing research on the Internet, I found men in videos explaining situations they were exposed to.”

Regarding her future work, Jamila Awad said that he had shown her many works and that he is currently shooting a new series.

On the other hand, Jamila Awad prepared for the series in a scientific way, based on the consultation of the psychiatrist Ibrahim Magdy, who praised the efforts of the series’ team and their scientific approach to implementing the drama, especially with regard to mental illness. Especially since vitiligo patients are vulnerable to secondary mental illnesses and secondary mental disorders.

The psychological consultant for the series said: This category includes patients who suffer from psychological problems as a result of the presence of a skin disease, the skin disease in these patients may be more severe than the psychological symptoms, and even if it is not life-threatening, it can be considered “life-destructive.” Because Vitiligo affects a person’s physical appearance, there are many psychological and social impacts.

He continued, “Higher levels of depression and social anxiety were reported in vitiligo patients.” Patients may also experience low self-esteem, social stigma, shame, avoidance of intimacy, adjustment disorder, fear, suicidal ideation, and other mental illnesses. Numerous research studies have been observed indicating a decrease in the quality of life standards. Specifically, visible vitiligo lesions were associated with emotional distress and stigma more than the invisible lesions.

The story “I Must Live” starring Jamila Awad, Najla Badr, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Khaled Anwar, and Najla Al-Haddini’s script and dialogue, directed by Maryam Ahmadi.

The series “But I” includes a heroine for each story of 10 episodes, and for each story there is an author, director and hero. The series discusses many issues of concern to women, such as the view of the Eastern community of divorced women and the struggle of women for themselves and their children. 5 stories were presented: “Daughters of Moses” Wafa Amer championship and “Seneen Waad” starring Arwa Judeh, “Amal Hayati” starring Hanan Mutawa, “Personal Order” starring Sherry Adel, and “Dhay Al Qamar” starring Kinda Alloush.

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