The Football Association settled on the continuation of the landing in the second section


The five-year committee in charge of managing the Egyptian Football Association headed by Amr Al-Ganaini decided to implement the regulations for the competition system that was announced before the start of the season, which includes the relegation of five clubs from each group in preparation for setting up a strong system for the second section, and the committee rejected the clubs’ pressure to cancel the relegation system in the second section due to The abnormal conditions the season has been exposed to in light of the Corona pandemic.

The committee adhered to the system established at the beginning of the season because any change in it will open many doors for them, especially since canceling the relegation in the second section will make the descending clubs in the rest of the divisions demand the cancellation of relegation, especially the Premier League clubs.

The clubs had tried during the past days to pressure the Five-Year Committee to cancel the relegation due to the circumstances in which the season was held, but all these efforts failed in light of the five-year committee’s insistence on activating the regulations.

On the other hand he decided Egyptian Football Federation The last round of the Premier League competition for the 19-2020 season will be held on the current 29, 30 and 31 of October, and the final round of the league will witness meetings: Pyramids with the Arab Contractors, Talaia El-Jaish with Al-Ahly, Smouha with FC Egypt, Military Production with Egypt for the clearing, Aswan with the Alexandria Union, Zamalek with the Ismaili, El Gouna with the border guards, and Al-Masry with the Tigris Valley.

The Egyptian Football Association decided to send the names of the first four clubs to the Premier League competition to participate in the next two African club championships, similar to what happened last season, given that the Egyptian Cup this season will end at a time close to the launch of the new version of the African Championships, and this will result in the participation of the owners. The first and second places are in the African Champions League, while the third and fourth are participating in the Confederation.

After Al-Ahly has decided the first place in its favor, it will participate in the champions of the league, while Pyramids and Zamalek clubs will compete for the second place, while the contractors and Smouha teams will compete for the fourth place.

And because the competition for second place will not be decided except in the last round of the league competition, and there is a possibility of extending the competition to fourth place until the last round also if it is not decided today during the Egypt clearing match with Smouha, the Egyptian Football Association decided to apply to the African Union for an extension The deadline for sending club names is until the end of October, instead of 20.

The Egyptian Federation’s request comes in light of the possibility that CAF will wait until the end of the League Championship on November 6, due to the possibility of Zamalek winning it, which, if it occurs, will be able to participate with him in the tournament even if his ranking in the league comes after the first and second places.


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