The French police raided the home and office of the Minister of Health as part of the investigation of managing the Corona crisis


The channel added that the raids also included the offices of other personalities, including former Prime Minister “Edouard Philippe” and former French Minister of Health “Agnes Buzan”, the Director General of Health in France “Jerome Salomon” and the former government spokeswoman “Sebeth Ndiaye” and the Director General of Public Health in France. ” Genevieve Chen “against the background of managing the health crisis that the country witnessed due to the outbreak of the emerging virus.

French judicial sources, who did not reveal their identity, confirmed that the search operations were conducted by the central office to combat attacks on the environment and public health, and that these operations were carried out “without difficulty” within the framework of a judicial investigation opened last July 7, on charges of refraining from facing a disaster.

The statement added that these operations came after Covid-19 patients, doctors, prison staff, police officers and others in France submitted 90 complaints, an unprecedented number in recent months, especially about the shortage of masks and other equipment.
A special French court ordered an investigation into the government’s handling of the virus crisis, which began a few days ago to spread again in France, and record high numbers of infections.

The number of new HIV infections throughout France had reached about 780,000, including more than 33,000 deaths, which caused the declaration of a state of emergency in the country.


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