“The Future of a Nation”: the fabricated “statement of the 8 million pounds” … and the Beni Suef candidate announced the truth


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Dr. Dina Abdel Karim, the media secretary of the Nation’s Future Party, said that the party has not issued any statements stating that “the party received a donation from one of its candidates in the governorate of Beni Suef amounting to 8 million pounds,” denying the party’s link to any data on this matter. Mostaqbal Watan made an official statement to deny the incident, and announced that legal measures would be taken against the promoters of the fabricated statement.

“Abdul Karim” added in press statements, on Tuesday, that “the party or its secretariat in Beni Suef did not issue any data on this matter,” stressing that “the statement that was circulated is fabricated, and completely dishonorable.”

She pointed out that “Engineer Tariq Mukhaimer, the future candidate for a homeland in Beni Suef, who was not lucky in the first round, announced the truth in a live broadcast, confirming that he had not issued any statements about this completely,” asserting that “the reason behind this rumor is a fake page. Attributed to the party ».

The Future of the Nation Party said in its statement: “You notice the circulation of one of the statements attributed to the party on social media, and the party affirms that no statements have been issued by it, and that the statement attributed to the party is false and does not affect reality and its purpose is to influence the party’s march and question its intentions to complement the systematic campaign. Among the terrorist Brotherhood members and some competitors who believe that these childish acts would affect the party’s position during the elections.

The party also notes its intention to take all legal measures against the promoters of this statement and against the people who surprise the political street from time to time by broadcasting videos containing some false accusations and slandering the party without providing any evidence or evidence for their allegations, thinking that such acts gain them fame and cover up Declining their electoral popularity among citizens.

In the end, the party appreciates the efforts of its sons and cadres during the first round of the elections for the first stage of the House of Representatives, and calls on them to continue their work and effort to complete the party’s march.

It was a fake page on Facebook that published a picture and claimed that it was the “candidate of the future of the homeland, Tariq Mukhaimer,” and asked to pray for him for a speedy recovery, because he had a heart attack, which resulted in him being transferred to Al-Salam Hospital, after hearing the election result, indicating that “he submitted his resignation from the party. The future of a homeland, and the party accused of being thieves got 8 million pounds, ”according to the page’s allegations.

The same fake page also published a statement attributed to the “Nation’s Future Party,” which included that engineer Tariq paid an amount of 8 million pounds by wiping out his will, and he was not forced to do so, which the party completely denied.

It is noteworthy that the engineer, Tariq Mukhaimer, the future candidate of Watan in the first district in Bandar and the Beni Suef Center, who had no luck in reaching the run-off, issued a statement on his personal page on the social networking site “Facebook” to clarify the truth of this alleged statement, stressing that “ There is absolutely no truth to this matter, and everything that is raised is just malicious rumors and confusion for public opinion, ”he said.

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