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German Minister of Health infected with Coronavirus ...

The German Ministry of Health said that the tests confirmed that Minister “Jens Spahn” was infected with the new Corona virus, on Wednesday afternoon, and that he had placed himself in home quarantine. The ministry explained that SPAN

The German Ministry of Health said that the tests confirmed the infection of the Minister “Jens Spahn” With the emerging corona virusWednesday afternoon, and he placed himself in home quarantine.

The ministry stated that Span (40 years) suffers from symptoms similar to those of a cold infection, and that his contacts have been informed.

A government spokesman said: “SPAN” attended a cabinet meeting earlier today, Wednesday, and it was not necessary for other ministers to put themselves in quarantine.

He added: “The meeting of the Federal Cabinet takes into account the health and social divergence rules. With the aim of ensuring that quarantine is not necessary for other participants, or even all of the participants in the event that a participant in the meeting is confirmed to have Corona virus at a later time.

The Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases reported that although infection rates in Germany are lower than in most parts of Europe, they are accelerating and set a daily record of 7,830 cases on Saturday.

Michael Roth, Germany’s minister for European affairs, wrote on Twitter: “My good wishes, Lens Spahn. We hope that he is quickly back in full health and perseverance in performing his duties. We need everyone currently in the battle with Corona. ”

Spahn urged Germans to adhere to social distancing rules. In order to keep infection at a manageable level.

He said early this month: The Germans are facing a “personality test” to contain the sudden rise in the number of coronavirus cases.

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