The governor of Dakahlia responds to Ahmed Moussa and announces good news to a school principal. Video


Media student Ahmed Musa from Dr. Ayman Mukhtar Governor of DakahliaBy Tayeb Khater, director of Omar Makram Primary School, the governorate responded to Ahmed Musa and confirmed that he was waiting for her tomorrow at the governorate headquarters.

The governor of Dakahlia added during a telephone interview with the program “On My Responsibility” broadcast on the “Echo of the Country” channel, presented by journalist Ahmed Moussa, that he will send a special car to the director, and he will sit with her.

He pointed out that he works for the sake of the Egyptian citizen, and that he will not bully the school principal, as it has spread recently.

Dr. Ayman Mukhtar commented Governor of DakahliaOn the video that was circulated regarding his dealings with a teacher at Omar Makram School, and he said that he did not bully the school principal, as was rumored by those with weak souls.
Extraordinary defender Dakahlia , That he will tell the whole story and said: “He went to the school in a sudden and was surprised that the school is empty of services.”

He pointed out that while he was passing by the school, he found that the principal had transferred a classroom to her office, explaining that the class was intended for KJ1 students, but she had transferred it to her.

He explained that, the school director spoke in a manner inappropriate for her position, and emphasized that no person has the right to close a class or convert it to something of his own.

He pointed out that the state seeks to open a new chapter and not to close one, and what it did was a failure in the administration and not in the work, and revealed that he removed the director because she did not fulfill her duty.

He explained that some terrorist channels obtained the video and did not publish the truth.

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