The grandfather of the two Iraqi children who were killed by their mother reveals fiery details about the accident … video


Abu Jawad Kadhim, grandfather of the two children whose mother killed them in Iraq, said that his son’s wife was not subjected to any pressure that pushed her to commit her heinous crime. And that the reason that prompted his son to divorce his wife is Marital Infidelity.

“Kazem” added, in a phone call to the “ninth” program broadcast on Channel One, that after the divorce, his son obtained a court ruling stipulating his bail for the two children, denying that the mother was Deprived Of seeing them.

و .كد The two children found that his son’s ex-wife would see her children two days a week, explaining that he was not There is no pressure on her, as she betrayed her husband twice, and I reconciled them.

Major General Khaled Al-Muhanna, spokesman Iraqi Ministry of InteriorThe crime of throwing a mother of her two children from the top of a bridge connecting the cities of Al-Kadhimiya and Al-Adhamiya at the top of the Tigris River is a horrific, heinous and heinous crime.

“Al-Muhanna” explained that Al-Mataat Police succeeded in finding the body of one of the children, and the search was still going on for the body of the other child.

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