The incident was fabricated out of fear of being punished by its family .. “The Interior” reveals the truth about the kidnapping of “Talibat Al Monufia”


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The Ministry of Interior revealed the truth about what was circulated on the social networking site “Facebook” regarding a student being exposed to an attempted kidnapping in Menoufia.

A statement by the Ministry of the Interior stated, Tuesday: “(One of the women – a resident of Sadat Center in Monufia) published on her personal page on the social networking site“ Facebook ”a post that included the absence of her daughter,“ 15 years old – student ”, and her failure to return from one of the private lessons. »A post circulated on the personal page of the absentee’s sister, including her return, and her exposure to an attempted kidnapping by an unknown old woman by drugging her, and that she returned torn clothes without her bag and mobile phone.

The statement added: “By examining and summoning the girl’s mother and asking her, she decided to be absent from her daughter-in-law, and to return after that, as she acknowledged that the sister of the absentee had published the aforementioned post.”

The statement continued: “With the question of the absentee, she denied that she was exposed to something wrong, and that throughout her absence she was in the company of her friends on the street, and after returning home, she created an incident of being drugged by an old woman for fear of her eligibility.”

Legal measures have been taken.

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