The International Olympic Committee resolves the issue of dismissal of Mortada Mansour


وتلقت Egyptian Olympic Committee A formal letter from International Olympic Committee The signature of the National Olympic Committee Relations and Committees official, in which he affirmed that the international body received the Egyptian responses regarding the position of the decisions issued in relation to President of Zamalek Club The arrested and dated the 9th of October, and thanking its officials for their prompt response and clarification of all required regarding the subject under discussion.

The International Olympic Committee affirmed its support for all steps issued based on the powers granted to the national committees, considering the matter internally subject to all internationally recognized standards and mechanisms, which are well represented and applied by the Egyptian Olympic Committee, like the rest of the national committees.

For its part, the Egyptian Olympic Committee issued, on Thursday, an official statement regarding its receipt of this letter from its international counterpart, in support of the sanctions issued against the president of the club Zamalek the previous.

Earlier, he stayed mortada Mansour, Filed a lawsuit before Administrative Court In the State Council, in which it is demanded to stop the decision issued by the Egyptian Olympic Committee, stopping him from practicing any sporting activity for a period of 4 years.

The lawsuit, No. 2015 of Judicial Year 75, was concluded by the Minister of Youth and Sports, the Executive Director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the President of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, Hisham Hatab.

On October 4, the Olympic Committee announced that the president of Zamalek Club was banned for 4 years from practicing any sporting activity, after several violations attributed to him were proven, and it requested elections for a replacement president.

The committee fined the president of Zamalek 100 thousand Egyptian pounds (about 6400 US dollars) after investigating complaints submitted by several sports figures “all of them were harmed by the president of Zamalek slandering and insulting them and the sports institutions that they represent, using the Zamalek satellite channel, which he removed from its role.” Sportsman.

The committee considered that Murtaza Mansour’s violations constituted a “flagrant violation of the Egyptian and international constitution, laws and charters, which has become a relay for the demolition of sporting values ​​and ideals and a waste of the sublime meanings that civilized nations gain from sport.”

She added that the actions of the President of Zamalek constitute “a destruction of Egyptian youth and youth.”


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