The International Olympic Committee supports the decisions to suspend Mortada Mansour in an official statement


The Egyptian Olympic Committee received an official letter from the International Olympic Committee bearing the signature of Jerome, the official of relations and the National Olympic Committees, in which it was confirmed that the international body had received the Egyptian responses regarding the position of the decisions issued regarding Mortada Mansour, the suspended president of Zamalek club, dated October 9, and thanked its officials for their prompt response. And clarify all required on the subject under discussion .

The International Olympic Committee affirmed its support for all the steps taken out of the powers granted to the national committees and considering the matter internally subject to all internationally recognized standards and mechanisms that are well represented and applied by the Egyptian Olympic Committee, as is the case with other national committees. .

The letter touched on the discussion of Mortada Mansour’s resort to the regular and civil courts in a purely sports matter, and emphasized that litigation in sports matters must be subject to specific and customary mechanisms that do not deviate from the applicable sports framework in accordance with the regulations of the National Olympic Committee, Federations and the Egyptian law, which received unprecedented praise from the Committee The International Olympic Committee and many other bodies after its full conformity with the international and Olympic conventions .

Issued on: 10/15/2020

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

ْنأُ ِرِيدُ ُلَّا الْإِصْلَاحَ مَا اسْتَطَعْتُ ۚ وَمَا تَوْفِيقِي َّلَّا بِاللَّهِ ۚ عَلَيْهِ تَوَكَّلْتُ وَإِلَيْهِ

Great truth of God

Statement from the Egyptian Olympic Committee

Concerning the International Olympic Committee confirmation of the Egyptian Olympic Committee

Regarding the procedures and decisions taken against the former president of Zamalek club

Based on the mandate of the Egyptian Olympic Committee in developing and protecting the Olympic movement and strengthening it and preserving the rules and principles of the Olympic thought in accordance with Article 84 of the Constitution and the provisions of Sports Law No. 71 of 2017, the rules of the Olympic Charter and the principles of the Olympic Movement, the Egyptian Olympic Committee addressed the International Olympic Committee on 9 / 10/2020 for informing her of the measures taken against the former president of Zamalek Club, which ended with his suspension for a period of four years, in accordance with national laws and regulations, the extent of their agreement with the principles of the Olympic Charter, and its competence to initiate these procedures against him.

On Wednesday 10/14/2020, the International Olympic Committee sent its response, confirming the following:

First: The International Olympic Committee agreed to receive the letter of the measures taken against the former president of the Zamalek Club. Legal implications, as the International Olympic Committee did not express any comments or objections to these measures.

Second: The International Olympic Committee, in response to the letter of the Egyptian Olympic Committee regarding the measures taken with the former president of Zamalek Club in accordance with national laws and regulations, confirmed that this is an internal matter for the Egyptian Olympic Committee in which its established authority operates in defense of national laws and regulations consistent with the Olympic Charter and international standards without There is interference.

Third: The International Olympic Committee asserted that the sports-related disputes that arise within the Olympic movement, and what is meant by the Olympic movement, according to what is stipulated in the Olympic Charter in Chapter One, the Olympic Movement, which is as follows:

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3. In addition to the three main components, the Olympic movement also includes the organizing committees of the Olympic Games (OGOGsNational federations, clubs and persons belonging to international federations and national Olympic committees, specifically athletes whose interests represent a fundamental element in the activity of the Olympic Movement, in addition to judges, referees, coaches, technicians and other sports officials. It also includes other organizations and bodies recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

4. Any person or organization affiliated with the Olympic movement in any capacity is bound by the provisions of the Olympic Charter and shall abide by the decisions of the International Olympic Committee.))

This confirms the competence of the Egyptian Olympic Committee in accordance with the role drawn by Law No. 71 of 2017 that the Egyptian Olympic Committee must protect the Egyptian Olympic movement, all in accordance with what is decided by the regulations of the sports bodies in compliance with the Olympic Charter.

Whereas Article 54 of the statute of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, as well as the provisions of the Code of Ethics, Ethics and Values ​​issued by the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Olympic Committee in implementation of the provisions of the Sports Law and approved by the General Assembly of the Egyptian Olympic Committee in the articles of association of the Egyptian Olympic Committee published in the Egyptian facts have charted a single path for the president The former Zamalek club to appeal the decision to suspend it is the way of grievance to the Board of Directors of the Olympic Committee, then the appeal against the decision issued in the grievance before the Egyptian Sports Settlement and Arbitration Center, then the appeal against its ruling before the International Sports Arbitration Court ( CASEIf the former president of the Zamalek club resorted to a path other than what was stipulated in the statute of the Olympic Committee, the rules of the Code of Conduct, then he would have violated what was decided by the statutes of the sports bodies (for example the National Olympic Committees and National Federations) as stated in the Olympic Committee’s letter International.

The Olympic Committee seizes this occasion to affirm its commitment to Article 84 of the Egyptian Constitution and the national laws, most notably the Sports Law No. 71 of 2017 issued in the matter of sports in line with the Olympic Charter and the basic regulations of these Egyptian sports federations, according to what was stated in the letter of the International Olympic Committee.

The Egyptian Olympic Committee affirms that what measures have been taken in this regard is out of respect for international charters and standards and in the interest of the stability of Egyptian sport in general and the ancient entity of Zamalek Club in particular, which is one of the poles of Egyptian sports and has a strong footprint in the Olympic movement with its athletes in various games The Olympic Games, and we know full well the value, destiny and history of the Zamalek Sports Club, one of the most important sporting fortresses in the Arab world and the Middle East.

We affirm that the decisions taken by the Olympic Committee are related to a person and have absolutely nothing to do with the ancient entity and will not affect in any way in the various sports, and we are all supportive of the Zamalek club team in its current mission in the African Football Championship in the Kingdom of Morocco and we all have confidence and hope that the Zamalek club team will perform The good and honorable representation of our dear Egypt, and we pray to God Almighty that victory will be ally of the White Castle

The Olympic Committee will not hesitate to maintain the functioning of the sports system and the Olympic movement on its correct path and achieve the supreme goal of sport by providing an atmosphere dominated by the spirit of peace, and the rejection of intolerance and violence in accordance with the principles of the Olympic Movement, the Olympic Charter and international standards.

In conclusion, the Olympic Committee will spare no effort to implement national laws and regulations, to uphold the principle of the rule of law, the Olympic movement, and the achievement of good governance.

And Allah is the Grantor and the Helper ,,,

Egyptian Olympic Committee

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