The melting of Alps glaciers is reaching “alarming” levels … Know the details


Glaciers in Switzerland continued to melt at an alarming rate, as the amount of snow accumulated on the largest glacier in the Alps was never so insignificant, according to a recent study, and in total, Swiss glaciers lost 2% of their mass, according to this annual study issued by Swiss Academy of Sciences.

According to Sky News, the curator of this report and responsible for the monitoring of glaciers in Switzerland, Matthias Hoss, noted that this percentage is “very worrying”, although the rate corresponds to the decline recorded in the last ten years, and during the last 60 years, the glaciers have lost an amount of water equivalent to that Located in Lake Constance, which extends over 63 km along the border between Austria, Germany and Switzerland, according to the report.

“This year has recorded the least amount of snow” since the beginning of measuring these data more than a hundred years ago, according to Hoss, and the Aletsch River is the largest glacier in the Alps, with an estimated number of about 4 thousand, and an estimated amount of ice in this river, which extends over 86 Square kilometers in the Swiss Alps are estimated at 11 billion tons, and it has receded by an average of one kilometer since the turn of the century.

A study conducted by the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich indicated that 95% of glaciers will die by the year 2100 if greenhouse gas emissions are not contained. According to Agence France-Presse, two-thirds of the glaciers will perish even if the provisions of the Paris Agreement are adhered to, according to this study. However, “at least we will have some glaciers left to contemplate their deposits,” says Matthias Hus.


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