The mental stomach of the Tunisia team: Ferjani Sassi did not contract the Corona virus with the national team


Supervision of Qanfoud, the mental stomach of professional players in Tunisia, revealed a surprise of a heavy caliber about the infection of Ferjani Sassi, the midfielder of the first football team at Zamalek Club, with the Corona virus, and the supervision of Qanfoud said in televised statements: “The Corona swab that Ferjani Sassi underwent in Tunisia Was negative. “

She explained that Ferjani Sassi’s streak in Morocco is positive despite the negative streak that he underwent in Tunisia.

The supervision of Qanfoud also confirmed that Ferjani Sassi was surprised that his sample was positive despite the negative swab that he underwent in Tunisia, and he was forced to leave the hotel.

“Ferjani Sassi forced him out of the staff door in a manner not befitting to the player,” added the Tunisian mentor.

While the supervision of Qanfoud confirmed that Ferjani Sassi will be present in the return match between Zamalek and Raja in Cairo, and added that he does not suffer from any symptoms at all and will follow the return confrontation scheduled for a week later.

On the other hand, the administration of the Zamalek delegation issued a statement confirming that the first swab conducted by the Zamalek administration as the first medical procedure for the Tunisian team player Ferjani Sassi upon his arrival had proven positive, indicating that the player had not contacted anyone with the team since his arrival as he was isolated in a separate room and did not even deal with Breakfast with his colleagues and another anointing will be done .

Moroccan laws require that any person infected with Corona be isolated in a government hospital, but the mission administration has continued to reside him in a private place

The statement indicated that the player came with reports confirming the negative analyzes, but we insisted that he conduct two analyzes before he was allowed to be with the team after his injury was questioned, especially because the Tunisian Federation did not respond to the correspondence sent by Zamalek to send the results of the swabs he conducted with the team and that Zamalek stipulated the player Not joining the mission except after conducting the two analyzes by summoning the player and the first analysis was conducted and it appeared positive, and another analysis will be conducted because we refused from the beginning to take the analysis that came with the player and that the strict precautionary measures will be completed until the result of the second scan is known, in order to ensure the safety of all members of the mission.


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