The Minister of Health receives the second dose of the Corona virus vaccine (photos)


08:34 PM

Monday 19 October 2020

Books – Ahmad Jumaa:

Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, received this evening, Monday, the second dose of the new Corona virus vaccine, the Holding Company for Biological Preparations and Vaccines, “Vacira”, after receiving the first dose on Monday, September 28, 2020.

This comes within the framework of the Minister of Health and Population’s participation in the clinical trial in its third phase of the emerging coronavirus vaccine (Covid-19) as part of the “For Humanity” initiative in cooperation with the Chinese government and the UAE G42 Healthcare Company, within an integrated package that includes research on potential vaccines. For the virus and cooperation in the field of manufacturing if proven effective.

The Minister thanked all the participants in the clinical trial of the new Corona virus vaccine in its third phase, which numbered more than 3 thousand participants so far, and called again for citizens to participate in those experiments for the sake of humanity to obtain the vaccines as soon as their effectiveness is proven, noting the participation of about 42 thousand Participants around the world in those trials and did not show any side effects.

The Minister of Health and Population also thanked all employees of the Holding Company for Serum and Vaccine “Vacsera” for their efforts to contribute to Egypt’s positive participation in solidarity with countries of the world to obtain the vaccine.

Dr. Khaled Mujahid, Advisor to the Minister of Health and Population for Media Affairs, and the official spokesperson for the ministry, explained that the minister reviewed the registration of personal data, and signed a declaration of approval to complete participation in the experiments, after clarifying all the details to ensure that the participant’s consent is informed.

“Mujahid” added that the minister then went to the clinic to conduct an initial medical examination and measure her vital functions, and to inquire about the health status to ensure that there were no side effects or changes that occurred over the past 21 days after receiving the first dose that may cause the exclusion or delay. Receive a second dose of the vaccine.

He added that the identification number for the minister’s participation in clinical trials was reviewed through an electronically automated “coding room”, and she also moved to the laboratory to withdraw the “pcr” sample of the emerging corona virus, and then moved to the vaccination room to receive the second dose of the vaccine by injection. In the upper arm (Deltoid muscle).

“Mujahid” stated that the participants in clinical trials of the emerging corona virus in its third stage receive two doses of vaccination between them 21 days, pointing out that the health status of the participant is monitored over a period of 12 months after obtaining the first dose, through field visits or follow-up by phone at Hotline “15530”, and record any observations or symptoms that may appear on the participant during the follow-up period.

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